Salsomaggiore Terme - Tabiano (PR)



Regional camping regulations for the Camping Arizona Campsite in Emilia Romagna, Italy

This regulation is exposed at the office at the entrance of the campsite; entering constitutes an implicit acceptance of all its rules..

1. Campers are required to show their identification documents upon arrival, for check-in purposes.

2. Visitors are only admitted when authorized by the management and they must show their identification documents. 
Visitors staying over one hour must pay the full daily rate. 
Visitors are admitted from 7.30 to 20.30 and they must leave the grounds before 23.00.

3. Management reserves the right to not accept any undesirable or supernumerary campers.

4. Opening hours of offices and services are exposed in their respective buildings and rooms.

5. Arrivals and departures between the hours of 08.00 and 22.30.
Campers must leave their lots and buildings before 12.00 of the day of departure.

6. Cars can only enter upon arrival and departure, to pull caravans and tent trailers. During the stay, cars can be left in the parking lot, open from 7.30 to 23.00. Keeping cars in the camper's lot is allowed, without moving them until departure. During the stay goods, things etc. must be moved around in the trolleys offered by the management.

7. Places will be assigned by management, whose requests about parking cars and setting up tents and caravans must be obeyed to allow for unimpaired circulation.

8. From 23.00 to 7.30 any noise that could disturb other campers, as well as pitching or disassembling tents, is strictly forbidden. During night hours using radios or similar appliances, forming loud groups, using the amusement park, using motor vehicles is not allowed.

9. Motorbikes and mopeds must be turned off and pushed.

10. Sound producing appliances must always be kept at a low volume, and turned off in silence hours. 
Campers that cause disturbances will be expelled from the campsite.

11. Every camper is responsible for keeping his valuable objects safe. In no case does management take any responsibility for loss or theft of goods not left in custody.

12. Damaging the plants and equipment of the campsite is not allowed, including digging moats around tents, dispersing hot, salted or filthy liquids on the ground and lighting fires in the open. It is forbidden to use a charcoal or wood grill, only the gas grill is allowed, if smoke doesn't disturb neighbours and if the grass and the ground aren't harmed. The management isn't responsible for damage from falling trees and branches.

13. Camping facilities, including the swimming pools and the amusement park, are used at the camper's own risk.

14. Paper and waste must be put in the waste bins.

15. Clothes and tableware can only be washed in washbasins. Ironing is only allowed in the ironing room.

16. Tanks for sewage and gray waters are mandatory for caravans.

17. Washing cars or caravans is not allowed.

18. Dogs and other animals are admitted at the discretion of management. Admitted dogs must be kept on a leash and not disturb. Owners are held responsible for any damage caused by their animals.

19. Playing soccer, bowling and volleyball is only allowed in the respective playfields.

20. Minors are only admitted with adult parents or relatives. Children must be attended when they use toilets and any facility. Parents are held responsible for their children. Parents must watch
their children; the management refuses any responsibility.

21. Mail must be retired at the management office by adults. Mail not retired after 7 days will be returned to the sender.

22. Contagious diseases must be immediately disclosed to the management or to our physician.

23. Electric heaters of any kind and power rating are not allowed.

24. Every relocation and movement of people must be announced to the management.

25. Please ask for your bill the day before leaving

26. Complaints must be presented to the management; for arbitration ask Associazione Regionale Campeggi e Villaggi Turistici dell'Emilia Romagna, in Ravenna, via C. Ricci 29.

27. Entering the Camping Arizona in Salsomaggiore Terme implies acceptance of this regulation, which can be complemented by any additional rules that the management considers useful. Campsite personnel will enforce this regulation and will communicate noncompliance episodes to management.

Guests not obeying this regulation will be immediately expelled.

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