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Thermal Spas and Wellness in Emilia Romagna

The thermal spa amenities and the thermal bath system in the Parma province are some of the best in Europe thanks to the precious, spa waters rich in therapeutic minerals and the constant development of a spa tradition that has dominated this area for centuries.

Today the thermal spa centres in Salsomaggiore, Tabiano, Sant'Andrea Bagni and Monticelli have also expanded their activities, which were once exclusively therapeutic, into the wellness services, considered the " new frontier" of the thermal spa sector. This unique offer is set against the beautiful backdrop of the green hills of the pre-appenines in Emilia Romagna, a unique area that marries peacefullness and relaxation with mundane and cultural events and no end of opportunities fro tours and trips into the surrounding countryside.

Terme di Salsomaggiore ( tel.800-861385)

Salsomaggiore is one of the most important thermal spa centres in Italy thanks to the extraordinary therapeutic properties of its waters, rich in bromide and iodide salts and highly mineralised, that come up from the subsoil.

Terme di Tabiano (tel. 800-860379)

Tabiano is famous for its source of sulphurous waters (sulphureous- sulphate- calcium - magnesium, rich in minerals with a high content of bicarbonates and hydrogen sulphide)use din the treatment of skin ailments and of the respiratory tract. It's success is tied to the Duchess Maria Luigia of Austria who opened the very first thermal spa in Tabiano.

Terme di Sant'Adrea Bagni (tel. 0521-430358)

San't Andrea Bagni is surrounded by the green country side of Emilia Romagna's hills. Its waters boast a variety of chemical properties ( bicarbonate-alcaline- earth- bromide and iodide salts-ferruginous- potassium, sulphureous-magnesium) with numerous therapeutic qualities.

Terme di Monticelli (tel. 800-237759)

An authentic gem situated the foot of the Parma hills. The spa waters in Monticelli are rich in salts and especially in bromine. The spa centre is very popular and apart from its amenities the town offers numerous things to do with some magnificent parks, first class sports facilities and lots of opportunities to relax.

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